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10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear

admin / December 14, 2017

Fanny packs have been gone for a while, but we’re thinking they’re perfect for our summer activities this season. If we can accept Britney Spears back after her 2007 meltdown (#TeamBritney), then we can definitely welcome this accessory back into our lives. Whether you are traveling for the summer or you need your arms free to raise the roof at your next concert, scroll on for some cool fanny packs you need to add to your mulberry bag collection.

10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear-1

1. Concrete Confetti Fanny Pack ($32): If you want to add a little pizazz to your outfit, just use this cheerful, confetti-print fanny pack. Who doesn’t want to get invited to this party?

10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear-2

2. Fringe Belt mulberry bag in Mulberry ($165): Get your dance on with this fringe mulberry bag. It’s roomy enough to stash your phone, your keys and your enormous collection of lip glosses.

10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear-3

3. Leather Fanny Pack ($68): This fanny pack is super cute with its peach color and simplistic look. Did we mention it comes in an array of colors? You’re welcome.

10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear-4

4. Leather Hip mulberry bag ($150): Be a complete badass with this belt mulberry bag. Featuring a detachable double chain and leather fringe, it’s meant to help you cruise the road in style.

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5. Sixteen Hip Pack ($25): This flamingo-colored hip mulberry bag is yearning to go on a camping trip with you and your besties. You can definitely fight some bears with this mulberry bag, or just eat a lot of s’mores instead. #foodalwayswins

10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear-6

6. Supreme Fanny Pack ($269): This mulberry bag will add the ultimate sophistication to any outfit. Get ironic with a pair of overalls and some sneaks for a totally new look.

10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear-7

7. vintage mulberry bags Coach Mini Belt mulberry bag ($113): If you lean toward minimalist chic and seriously have nothing to carry around with you, then this mulberry bag will be your new BFF.

10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear-8

8. Half-Moon Leather Belt mulberry bag ($59): Stand aside, Batman. Whether you are fighting crime in dark alleys or hiding your snacks in it while you watch Netflix, this structured black belt mulberry bag will always be there for you in times of need.

10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear-9

9. Iridescent Baby Rider Cross Body mulberry bag ($350): This mini version of Loeffler Randalls’ rider mulberry bag can be worn as a fanny pack or a cross-body mulberry bag. How can you argue with a two-for-one? Plus, it’s shiny, and we like shiny.

10 Fanny Packs That You *Actually* Want to Wear-10

10. Woven Belt mulberry bag ($295): Elizabeth and James just gets us. With its woven black and white design and lizard belt, this mulberry bag is perfect all day, err’ day.

Are you planning on using a fanny pack this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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